Be patient, love

My love,

I thought of you again today and wondered if you are as excited as I am in meeting you…

…but love, do not let that excitement turn into impatience.

We wait..but we wait in joyful expectation.

Because when we don’t, our impatience turns to dissatisfaction.

Do not ever think, my love, that you are missing out amongst the beautiful engagement, wedding, starting-our-family feeds you are seeing on facebook. We are getting closer, believe me.

Not our timeline, but His.

Because again if we let impatience take over, we are only creating greater and greater distance from each other.

I hope you do remember Jacob and Rachel. Jacob thought it was Rachel he got after 7 long years of waiting. But it was Leah, not the promised Rachel..(Genesis 29:21-25)

“He thought”…but what he thought was Rachel actually was another woman, Leah. And without caution..and so much anticipation, he gave in. My love, his impatient and unguarded desire to finally take his woman did not do him good. He needed to serve another 7 long years for his beloved Rachel. (Verses 27-30)

Do not make the waiting longer, my love. Let us be diligent in co-writing our story..patient and confident that by being faithful to our current season of singleness, Abba is up to something.

His ways, not ours.

So my love, keep this into your heart:

Hebrews 6:12
so that you may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

In the hall of faith, Abraham was the boldest. By obedience and faith he trusted God to the point of giving up what was important in his life..his son.

Because He knows what is MOST IMPORTANT..obedience which to our Abba could be one of the highest form of love we could give back.

So my love, I pray that you will be patient. And please do not mistake me for someone God is not confirming as His best for you. Please do not take a Leah. Be strong for me and wait until Abba tells you I am coming along. It is a tough fight and exercise. But I am praying for you. I hope somewhere out there you are praying for me too.

Until then my love,

Your love. 


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