Dear future husband

Future husband,

Please be patient when I struggle to open up, especially when you ask the hard questions. It has been quite some time that I let myself be vulnerable, and everytime I tried, those I thought might be you disappear right away.

I fear that my past mistakes would hurt you.

I fear that you would magnify them.

I fear that you would overlook GRACE.

When you come, please be sure before you even come and say your intentions. Do not build up walls around me, do not flatter me right away unless you are convinced that you will pursue me, anyway.

Do not build expectations on who I am. Who I am may not be who you want me to be.

When you love me, love me with that love that overflows from the love Christ has for you. Do not love me based on who I am…but on how He loves.

Do not look at my heart and expect to find you there. Jesus is in there. Instead, examine your heart and see if Jesus is really in there.

Once you understand that His love wins, over us, inspite of us…then come to me.

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