Do not be afraid to pause

For every season there is a time to move, a time to stop, a time to pause; all at God’s prompting for your unique story. Do not be anxious when others are moving and you are at a pause. The wait has a purpose. Do not exhaust yourself by moving just because everyone else around you is moving.

Pausing doesn’t mean you are lagging behind. When God puts you in the pause, He’s giving you the perfect view, the perfect distance to look at it and say:

“My God, I’m glad I heard you; I’m glad I obeyed; I’m glad I waited.”

It will be so much more than you thought it would be like. Dear daughter, your Abba Father does not know mediocre. What He makes, when He makes, and how He makes are all perfect.

You gotta trust your Father in Heaven knows best. ???

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