Hello Love, I’ll Wait

Stronger is the love that waits until love finds its way back.

This is what I thought as the scene zooms out of Ethan and Joy and into the airport, the sky, and the different people you meet anywhere you are. They are two different people with two different family backgrounds, two different sets of scars and dreams, and moving in different seasons in their lives. One desires to finally put herself first; while one finally decides to live for others. While we can all blame everything as usual to that big word called TIMING, I see the beauty of their story in one word called GROWTH.

I saw love willing to wait for the other person to realize her dream even when it means not being with her while she does it. I saw love letting him pick himself up and working on himself even when it means he might be a completely different person the moment she comes back. This love is a different love to choose yet is the type of love that makes you grow; because the truth is, the love you choose should make you grow.

The love that grows you allows you to be vulnerable yet assured. I love how Ethan and Joy are not afraid to speak honestly of what they feel. I specifically loved this scene when they were talking about what happens next now that Joy’s plan for the family won’t work out anymore.

Ethan: Joy, takot na ako magmahal tapos maiwan uli.
Joy: But don’t you trust my love?
Ethan: Can’t you just love me enough?
Joy: Ethan, mahal kita. Pero may tanong sa loob ko na di kayang mapunan kahit ng pagmamahal mo. Gusto kong sabihin sa’yong hindi ako aalis, pero hindi ko maipapangako sayong hindi ako magagalit pag dumating yung panahon na araw-araw kong iisiping “what if” tumuloy ako? Ayokong dumating sa puntong sisisihin kita sa mga bagay na di ko nagawa. Natatakot akong umabot tayo doon.

I saw love willing to be vulnerable to make the other person understand that he wants to fight for this love with all his might. And then I saw love receiving the pain of the person and not discounting it lesser than her own. I see maturity in that love which acknowledges one’s pain because most of the time it is hard to see others’ pain when you, yourself, are hurting. I see maturity in that love which looks beyond the now because it sees far beyond how love could be more beautiful when the time is right, and when both persons are whole. SHALOM — nothing lacking, nothing missing.

Good job, Ethan, in showing that men have fears too. Good job, Joy, for the strength not to settle for the immediate in exchange for what is worth waiting for. Joy reminded me that love that makes you grow is not afraid to say “no” when it is the way to love one better.

The love that grows you allows you to put others first. This love knows how to say sorry and knows what it says it is sorry for. Love grows more as it looks beyond one’s self onto what is best for the other person.

Ethan: I’m sorry for making you feel that you have to apologize for having dreams. I will work hard to deserve to be in your future.
Joy: And I will work hard to deserve the chance you gave me. I will always remember you as someone who loved me and allowed me to live my dreams.
Ethan: And I will always remember you as someone who made me believe that I can do it. Magtatagpo din ang mga future natin diba?

The love that grows you enables you to wait. It recognizes that the growth would not always mean proximity but would sometimes require distance to reach its potential. Love is patient so it is willing to wait, remember that. Love does not demand nor insist its own way but allows space for each person to be fruitful and be made whole. It enables you to surrender the now for hope of a future with everything attached with the right in it — right character, right time, right person.

Joy: Ang lawak ng mundo. Natatakot ako.
*Ethan embraces Joy as they are overlooking on the mountain*
Ethan: Kaya mo yan.
Joy: Babalik ako ha?
Ethan: Hihintayin kita.

Maybe at one part of this world Ethan and Joy’s story is real, but they are just one semblance of the kind of love that our hearts long for. But if today you are not a Joy or an Ethan waiting for someone in particular, I also have thoughts I want to share to you. Maybe you are still waiting for love; but I know for sure of one love I can share that is available for all — a love more capable of waiting and a love you won’t even need words to explain the depths of your heart and your hurts. This love is wrapped in one person named Jesus.

As I cried my heart out in the cinema, it is worth noting that I am alone in a row of empty seats crying heaps. While this heart longed somehow for an Ethan who would support the hustle of my life like he did to Joy, it is God’s wonderful blessing that God still has put me in a season of discovering how far of a stretch I can fend for myself; and how far His strength would answer for me when mine is depleted. My friend, there is beauty in the season you are in even without a Joy or an Ethan, yet.

If you are not waiting for a love to come back, pray for a love that does not leave.

And after the wait, I can bet on the love that is stronger and sweeter you would just say, “It’s worth the wait.”

So to that one I still am waiting for I’d say,

Hello, love. I’ll wait. ❤️?

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:4-7‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Disclaimer: Note that the movie lines are my paraphrases and not the word for word as in the movie scenes. How can I ever, when I was basically crying the entire screening? I could hardly take down notes on my phone. ??

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  1. Beautiful ! by mere reading you can be in the place of Joy and Ethan, perfectly laid down to the readers. I love it.

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