I reckon you would be beautiful

Hi my love,

Everytime I go to places far, I think of you. I can’t wait to travel places together, do Kingdom work together.

I reckon I would take a lot of stolen photos of you as you worship God for the gift of creation.

I reckon that tears would fall from my eyes as I see you passionately praying for people.

I reckon I would be so proud of you for running hard towards God as you place Him in your life first and foremost.

I reckon life would have more color (as it already is colorful now) when you come. We will finally have the same point of view, the same direction under the sky we are under.

I reckon it would be so beautiful. And I wouldn’t trade it for the immediate when I could just wait for you. I may have or have not known you yet, but I do know you are worth the wait, love.

And while we wait, we serve. We passionately serve and love people.


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