It will happen

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. – Romans 8:25

My love,

How I wish I could come to heaven now so I could experience how it is to never lack anything, and shed no tears anymore, but you also are one thing I wanna wait for and wait with when our Savior comes back again to take us up.

I know Paul talks about here about Christ’s coming. But it made me realize too how the hope of getting something requires patience…and not just simply patience, but a great deal of it.

I have been hoping of salvation of my own family…but God says now “Patience, honey.”

I have been hoping for the moment the promises of God come to pass, and that includes you, but God tells me now “A little longer, my dear.”

I have been hoping that God will help me tear down the walls that keeps me from opening up to anyone, but He tells me “Child, be joyful to undergo the process.”

I have been hoping and waiting. I have been praying to God for endurance, yet He tells me to wait much more. Have you ever felt this way? Is God dealing with your patience too, my dear one?

Nevertheless, as my eyes scan these many people wandering around, in my heart and in my mind there is peace. Now am I sounding weird? Yes, there is agony in the waiting, but my heart is at peace. His timing is hidden from me, but in my heart there is peace that IT WILL HAPPEN.

In my heart there is hope, hope yet to be continually tested…but will you wait for me? Will you continue to believe God for us and His promises to us individually?

When we hope in what we do not see now, I believe God will surprise us far more than what we can imagine.

Let us believe that. Let us hope without wavering.

Waiting with hope,

Your love 


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