New Year, Same God

2018 reaffirmation: I can always choose to be happy and choose to radiate happiness. I am not confined to my trials, let alone the sad things that came along with 2018.

At 26, I learned that joy does not equate to happiness because everything’s not going to be happy…but in everything there could be joy and there could be peace.

At 26, I learned that people will indeed be people and choose to leave as they want to, be absent even when they do not intend to, disappear because they are afraid, and can come and go as they feel it; but my God will always be God and be with me through it all.

2018 is not exactly what I wanted it to be but it is perfectly how God intended to be to teach me lessons and know more about myself. In 2018, I wrestled with God about my heart’s yearnings, yet in 2018, I surrendered again knowing with a deeper conviction that what He set apart for me will not pass me by. And if it did, it isn’t for me, maybe not yet. Maybe not at all. But yet again, this is the beauty of surrender.

That of not knowing at all, but choosing JOY, choosing FAITH and choosing God over and over again. ??? #NewYear #SameGod

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