Of bruises and cuts

Sometimes I don’t notice I got bruises or cuts until the mark shows or I felt like something hurts somewhere in my body. When awareness comes that I got bruised or cut, the question that comes right after is, “Where and when did I ever get this?”

Then comes recollection of what happened in the day until I say, “Ah, that thing had hurt me! Lol, that was so careless of me!”

These were mistakes that right away I was able to point out and then tell myself, “You are not doing that again if you don’t want to get hurt!”

When I was in high school, I got on a motorcycle ride for the first time. Getting off, I wasn’t aware then that the exhaust pipe which was on the right side of the vehicle is so hot it would burn a portion of my leg. After that painful experience I learned that it is safer to get off the left side to avoid that very thing that hurt me once. The cause was clear, and so is the pain. That made it easy to come up with a solution so that I would never make the same mistake.

Most bruises are like that, you know what hurt you so you never allow a chance to be hurt that way again so that the bruises and pain stop reoccurring. But sometimes, there are also bruises and cuts we do not notice until someone points it out to us. Would you agree that there were once bruises and cuts you don’t even know were there until someone points it out?

Bruises you do not know the cause of, I believe, are more alarming because aside from external factors, you have to consider that something might have gone wrong from the inside. In fact, when you cannot recall at all what might have caused the bruise, others would normally say, “You should go see a doctor.”

I believe the same applies to our life too. There were not only bruises, but wounds that we get as we journey in life; some we know the cause of, some we don’t. Those we brought upon ourselves, we can give a solution on our own. You failed an examination because you weren’t diligent enough, then you study diligently the next time. You lost your job because you neglected your duty, then you do the right thing given the next best chance. But what about those bruises in life you didn’t even invite?

Bruised heels, in fact, show up in the Bible in Genesis 3 as a metaphor of the injury inflicted on us by the enemy, according to Laynie Travis. Because of the serpent’s (the enemy) deception, Eve disobeyed God and cursed both man and the serpent to be enemies forever.

As I meditate, I asked myself, “How did it ever come to this?”

I realized it could have started from Eve thinking twice when the serpent said “Did God actually say…?”

As I read this, I stopped and looked at myself. My share of those bruises in life I don’t know the cause of might actually came from those times the enemy whispered to me, “Did God really tell you…Did God really promise you…Did God really instruct you?”

I realized I might have gotten those bruises because the enemy planted seeds of doubt where God only planted seeds of hope and of a future…and I entertained the thought. Never had I known bruises started forming as I allowed His Word flowing in my veins get struck by injury caused by the enemy. This is how bruises form.

I am not saying that all bruises come from the enemy and us compromising because sometimes the enemy also does attack instantly. You may be helpless and all strength may feel lost but be comforted knowing that God is still in control.

So today if you’re bruised, note that it could get very painful for the first few days, maybe weeks, or months, but the pain fades as healthy blood vessels get restored to its original state – unbroken, uninjured, spotless.

With or without allowing the enemy, it will continue to pursue you and bruise you. So, I am saying that the enemy would continue to plant doubt against the very words God spoke to you personally. It is crafty, so creative, that it would twist and give you second thoughts on what was already final when God spoke to you…but so does God pursue you. So does God remind you of His promises when you commit to spend time in His Word. He makes all things work together for your good, if you love Him and you walk towards His purpose for you (Romans 8:28).

They say time heals but actually even when the bruises are gone, I bet you could still remember how painful they once felt. I guess time helps; but with the Author of Time, there is complete healing.

When the Lord of all gave you authority to tread on serpents, the most it could do is leave you with bruises that heal.

Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.
‭‭Luke‬ ‭10:19‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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