Our Father knows best

My love,

I had a little chitchat with someone about you last night. Someone who was found by her love. She prayed. He prayed. They crossed paths and hearts. It was indeed a difficult, unsure, faith-filled process. How did they end up finding each other and be so sure about it?

One thing I learned, God does answer prayers. They prayed and waited faithfully. I know we will cross that path soon…for we have a Father who listens. So intently He listens that even the beating and longing of our hearts, He comprehends.

I have to confess that I am longing to see you and meet you. I pray for your happiness, the ministry you are in, your walk with God, your heart to be protected, your discipline, your growth, your faith. I realized I needed to pray for myself too. For patience, for wisdom to recognize you and wait for you, the discipline to be the productive woman I should be while I wait for you.

In the midst of these passionate thoughts, our Father calmed me. I know that as our Father, He knows us better than we know of ourselves. He knows best if meeting you now could make me closer to Him than to you, or the other way around. I wouldn’t want to have you and lose Him anyway.

So my point now my love, is that while the year is coming to an end without you by my side still, He is our Father. He is our focus, and He should be our only matchmaker. Make use of the time, my love to enjoy His presence, and ask of Him how to use you more. Ask, for He is our Father. He knows you more than I do.

As I wait for You, I whisper all my prayers to our Father for you. ?

Your love.

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