Te amo. Period.

Te amo, my Amy, my heart, my Amy…

|| Amy – Jung Joon Young ||

My love:

Last night up to this afternoon I was listening to this song that makes my heart so, so sad. The song perfectly narrates regrets, hurt, a love taken for granted, a lost love. I don’t know about you love, but for me, I would rather not have you nor have met you now than meeting you sooner and have a love like this.

I would rather endure seeing couple by couple passing by than enjoying the warmth of the hand of a wrong person that isn’t you. I would rather drink coffee alone than having someone opposite me that still isn’t you. I would rather write you a letter than think of someone else that might be you.

As I listen to that song my heart aches because in the past I had those kind of loves. Those that magnify the hurt more than joy, that rejoices yet leaves after all the rejoicing, that closes the door when everything seems inconvenient.

I don’t want that with you. I have better vision of how our relationship would be because God will run it. He will be Lord over us both. I want a love set apart for His purpose. A love that need not romanticize the hurt and say that love hurts, because hey…how can it hurt when God is love? (1 John 4:8)

Te amo. Period.

Your love ❤️

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