Thank You for not wanting what I want for me

Dear God,

Thank You for showing me that not all endings are sad; and not all endings are Your endings. For all I know, they could be Your door to something else. My emotions and questions still rage wild inside as I seek to know Your answers but I know that You do not work that way. You do not adjust Yourself to pacify me. You don’t want that for me because You love me so much to not allow me to think that You would always agree with me.

Thank You that You don’t want all things that I want for me. Had You wanted everything that I wanted,
I could’ve blamed You for allowing me to have things and people that You eventually “took away”.
Thank You for not allowing that to happen.

And what’s even greater?
That in my mistakes, dear God, when I wanted things that seem good when I knew You said “no” to, Your grace covered my mistakes. The correction was painful, but I am thankful for the pain for reminding me that You always know best.

Thank You for knowing me so deeply yet loving me with the same intensity when You pursued me. Thank You that You never stop pursuing me.

Thank You is not even enough but still, thank You, my Lord and my God.

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