Yes, you’ve changed

Was taking selfies on my way to the meeting place to see how hair I kept cutting for 2 years grew long already (thus the awkward face) when I thought about how fleeting life is; and that —

? I am growing and in advancing every single day, even when I do not notice. Believe me, as surprised as I am that I look different from when I cut my hair early this year, I realized I grew so much with everything that happened with this year. So darling, if you are still reading this, just like when you don’t notice the length your hair grows each day, you are growing.

? I will keep changing. Such that like I do not prefer the old hairstyles and and old clothes I had before, I will also face change as I grow wiser and change parts of me that do not glorify who I believe in. And that in changing, in becoming better, you excel better when you know Who to dedicate everything to and Who you aim to please.

? I am held and loved by the One who recognizes me no matter how I’ve changed over the years. People get surprised with how you look like when you don’t see them in years; but I have One who recognizes the version of me wrapped in the blankets as much as how I look in the daylight. And for this, I beam in delight ❤️

Much thoughts on a selfie but here goes my yearend thoughts that I let out before I even forget. How much have you changed this year?

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