You don’t belong to me (first and foremost)

Hi my love,

If ever you find yourself lonely today, or pondering why you haven’t found me yet, worry not. Worry not because even without my physical presence, you already belong to a certain someone. You are someone’s.

This certain someone isn’t me.

I know it’s hard to sit and be gathered around friends who just started a relationship, just got engaged, just got married, or just had kids. It is becoming hard for me too.
But I want you to know that finding me is not your end goal. Having someone you can feel the warmth of, or can whisper to, is not “BELONGING” at all, you do not own a person eventhough you can take that someone anywhere with you.

Maybe it is time to learn, my love, that even with us missing each other’s path year by year, we already belong to this certain someone individually; this someone who calls us His even without forcing our reasons why we deserve to win His heart.

Maybe it is time to know that the Lord, He is God! It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture (Psalms 100:3).

See how many times we are called His? Thrice my love, thrice. And when He repeats, I believe He means it. He made us, to love us, and to call us His own. Do you now understand your desire to belong? Your longing to love and be loved? He created you to do so, but to first and foremost realize that before being anybody else’s, He owns you first. You belong to Him first.

So my love, continue praying for me. Continue to ask me from God, but this time, with the proper heart posture: that — you are His, and well loved even before He leads you to me.

Merry Christmas, my love.


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